April 17, 2024

National Primate Research Centers Prioritize Openness for Scientific Progress

At the forefront of biomedical and behavioral research are the seven National Primate Research Centers (NPRCs). They form a vital network dedicated to conducting and enabling groundbreaking research to improve human and animal health. Studies at the centers include development & aging, genetics & genomics, infectious disease, neuroscience & brain disorders, and reproduction & endocrinology. The NPRCs have been instrumental in driving discoveries crucial for overcoming health challenges and in helping the public understand the significance of research that involves animals.   


A Comprehensive Approach  

A priority of the NPRCs is to share information via local, regional and national outreach. Through a multifaceted approach, the NPRCs foster education and dialogue, ensuring openness about their research and the expert care of animals involved in NPRC research studies.   


From participating in local events to leveraging digital platforms, the NPRCs employ diverse strategies to make connections. NPRC.org provides the latest information for the public, and NPRCresearch.org, which is undergoing updates, ensures the scientific community has comprehensive information about the resources the NPRCs offer NIH-funded researchers. Through timely and engaging content, the NPRCs strive to explain the highly regulated research process and showcase their contributions to scientific progress.   


A Legacy of Excellence  

With a history spanning more than six decades, the NPRCs stand as pillars of scientific expertise and exemplars of public outreach. The U.S. Animal Research Openness initiative (USARO) recently featured information about the NPRCs’ outreach programs on the USARO website. This article provides encouragement for other research centers to follow the NPRC lead.   


A Future Filled with Accurate Information  

As the NPRCs continue to make scientific discoveries, their dedication to openness will continue to expand. The NPRCs believe openness helps empower individuals to make informed decisions, is critical to instilling confidence in scientific research and care of research animals, inspires future generations of scientists and ensures the public has accurate information about how research with animals is improving lives.  





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