August 24, 2020

Note: The NPRCs will update this blog with our latest COVID-19 news.

Since beginning COVID-19 research earlier this year, NPRC researchers have made encouraging progress in efforts to better understand, diagnose, prevent and treat this novel disease. We’re committed to conducting and enabling research to end this global pandemic and to providing information so the public has ready access to our scientific results.

Our most recent COVID-19 news includes: 

Below is even more information about our extensive and collaborative COVID-19 research:


  • May 12: A Tulane NPRC study shows the virus can live in the air for more than 16 hours
  • February 24: Scientists at Southwest NPRC organize a team of leading virologists, microbiologists, high containment lab experts and animal modeling researchers to study the virus 
  • February 11: Wisconsin NPRC researchers form a coalition with interdisciplinary teams for the sole purpose of COVID-19 studies



  • April 20: Tulane NPRC director, selected to serve on new National Institutes of Health (NIH) public-private collaboration in the fight against COVID-19
  • March 26: SNPRC researchers launch comprehensive research initiative to support drug development efforts by investigating multiple animal species and their responses to COVID-19

Additional NPRC COVID-19 News:

Bookmark this page so you can easily return here for the latest NPRC COVID-19 research information. We’ve also compiled a list of resources here and provided links to previous NPRC COVID-19 news and national media stories here.

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